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General Questions

First Checkbilliard takes you through a series of tests – systematically. This allows us to analyze your “game assets”, to evaluate your skills and identify any weaknesses in your game – if there are some.

For these weaknesses you will receive drills, exercises and workouts, each accompanied with HD-videos, to work on your deficits – all depending on your current abilities!
See also Function details

To use the app you need in addition to fun and some ambition:
A smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, or tablet. (Windows, Blackberry, etc. are not supported yet)
A real Pool Table – being able to do the tests and train workouts and your personal exercises.
Checkbilliard is NOT a computer game.

English and German is already done.
Checkbilliard will also be translated into other languages. ES, RU, NO, IT, JA, ZH are already on the users wish list. Some also offered to help us in translating the billiard-specific wording.

For any further questions please contact our Support

In general one of our goals is to generate more popularity for Billiards. And perhaps,  Checkbilliard is a little tool to reach it.

Help us and tell your friends in your blog, report or your magazine, share links to Checkbilliard in social networks, forums, etc.

For a large roundabout (reseller, pool hall owner, league operator, clubs, etc.) Checkbilliard also offers an affiliate program.
If you think to be the right partner for Checkbilliard, then please contact us under We are looking forward to your info about your extensive possibilities.




Billard allgemein mehr Popularität zu verschaffen ist unser Ziel! Und Checkbilliard ist vielleicht ein kleines Werkzeug dafür.

Erzähle bitte Deinen Freunden davon, berichte in Deinem Blog oder Deinem Magazin, teile die Links zu Checkbilliard in sozialen Netzwerken, Foren, usw.

Für einen großen Verteilerkreis bietet Checkbilliard auch ein Affiliate Programm an.
Wenn Sie denken der richtige Partner für Checkbilliard zu sein, dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter Über Ihre kurzen Infos zu Ihren umfangreichen Möglichkeiten freuen wir uns.

Yes, under certain circumstances!

Reputable and professionally-designed queries with facts, figures, etc. are prerequisite for a possible audit.
Too short inquiries or very small events we have to reject categorically, sorry.

The videos were filmed on a table of the company Loontjens. The model is a Gabriels Clash X with 9ft size.

If you want to see your brand and table in thousands of views, please let us know here.

Registration and Login

In order to save and evaluate your test results, we must be able to assign the results of a person clearly – to a registration is necessary.

And registered users can get even more free content in the app.

Take also a look here

When typing your e-mail address please use lowercase letters only and no capital letters.

So, for example, and NOT

Please check your SPAM folder in your mail inbox.

If you do not find any email, please contact customer support.

  1. In the app choose the “Forgot password” button, enter your valid email address and you will receive an email how to reset your password.
  2. Request a new password here LINK


The Checkbilliard system directs you to the tests correspond to your level of play.

To do this you first need to complete the QUICK 20. Depending on your results you either continue in the SHORT 50 or in the more difficult STRAIGHT 100.

The results from these tests bring you either into the MODERN 150 (for beginners to advanced), in the PROGRESSIVE 300 (for good and experienced players) or in the PROFESSIONAL 450 (for very good players up to absolute world class).

Checkbilliard means training guided by a SYSTEM! This system directs you to the tests corresponding to your level of play. Too easy tests wont improve your skills, too difficult tests would overburden you!

First you need to complete the “QUICK 20” test. Depending on your results you either continue in the SHORT 50 or in the more difficult STRAIGHT 100.
The results from these tests bring you into the MODERN 150 (for beginners to advanced), in the PROGRESSIVE 300 (for good and experienced players) or in the PROFESSIONAL 450 (for very good players up to world class players).

For absolute freaks: You can “unlock” two different tests in section No. 3 by doing the QUICK 20 once “good” and once “bad”.
This lets you do once the SHORT 50 and once the STRAIGHT 100 test. The results of these puts you in the Intensive tests in section 3with analysis and unlocks sometimes two tests.
See also “I have activated two tests in the Section3 instead of just one, why?” here in the FAQs.

That should not be. Have you already completed the first “Quick 20” test to be unlocked for further and guided tests?

Is your subscription and your payment confirmed by email? Yes? Then we are sorry and ask you to contact the support team.

If you play the QUICK 20 test twice and the result brings you once in the SHORT 50 and once in the STRAIGHT 100 this can happen.

From these two tests the Checkbilliard calculation brings you to the section 3. If you “just click through” the app then sometimes you can unlock 2 different tests in section 3.

But if you are honest to yourself with the results, always the right test will be unlocked for your level of play. Which one doesn’t over- or underwhelm you!

You’ll receive your  personal analysis and training sessions based on just ONE test in section 3. Namely the last played one!

You don’t need to do! But we fundamentally differ between “test exercises” and “practice exercises”. Practice tasks you can always view and play.

Test exercises are blocked when a test is completed and the result was reported to the system for game-level analysis to create your personal training plans.
As long as a test is not completed you can also see and play ANY exercise several times. “Just Preview” means only that no result entry is possible.

YES! The Checkbilliard app fetches the exercises, analyses, calculations, etc. directly from the server.

Also, each exercise update will be available immediately on your device. And especially for the streamed videos it needs an internet connection, because the HD videos would not find place on your device due the data size .

Maybe the WI-FI router is blocking access. Then the administrator of the WI-FI network has blocked so-called ports in the firewall. Please make sure that port 3306 is not affected.

But mostly a misconfiguration of your local WI-FI happened – and two or more WI-FIs sharing the same channel.
Please check your WI-FI for a single used channel with this free tools:
for iPhone “iNetTools” on iTunes and
for Android “WIFI Analyzer” on Google Play Store.

NO! If you “mistype” you’ve to start the test from the beginning.

In the beta phase this was possible and the players have spent almost more time with editing of results than with the training itself.
Checkbilliard is not an online game!

That should not be. The Checkbilliard app has been tested on numerous devices.

With a double click you can enlarge the picture of each task. On most devices also works the “two-finger zoom”. This means that the numbers should be readable. And the colors of the balls can also be used for alignment.

At a sufficiently stable and fast Internet connection and a relatively current device it might not be!

The HD videos provide a large amount of data, if the connection is too slow for real-time streaming the video can be choppy.
(No, Videos are not available offline – collection is too big for your device!)

Not yet. In a future version there will be this option.

NO! See also “Do I really need an internet connection” in the FAQ.


In future versions Checkbilliard will considerif this will be possible. Attention is paid to the protection of the contents from unauthorized duplication.

Not at the moment. If the technical requirements are given by the manufacturer, there may be a Windows Mobile version.

Checkbilliard is NOT a video game! The images are the instructions for the exercises.

It is a system for training on real tables with real people – go out, meet friends, have fun and play pool!


The function and content of the Checkbilliard app are legally protected and subject to copyright.

Any unauthorized reproduction of any kind is prohibited! Violations will be treated by a lawyer without any warning!

Instructor / Trainer

Especially for instructors like you there is a separate area in which you can check and guide your protégés and clients. That means that you can take look what’s their success development in training. You can animate, motivate and assist with your personal assistance.

And if you use and recommend the Checkbilliard app in your (group-) training, you can get even a commission. Please ask our support for details on the affiliate program.

Of course, why not?

But basically, we want to support you and help you to manage your customers – and relieve yourself.
And so if you use and recommend the Checkbilliard app in your training, you will receive a commission.

For details on the affiliate program please contact us with your personal information.

Then you should already have received an email with the invitation.

Didn’t you get this, please contact our Support.

Yes, there will be one when the examiners are instructed and the technical prerequisites have been created.

Currently, the imported points of the system are official and marked in the ranking with *.

As part of the official test decreases the badges will be presented.

Later there should also be a way to order them in our shop.

Subscription / Payments


The APP is really free and available on iTunes LINK and Google Play Store LINK .

The subscription will be automatically renewed. In your customer area under “MyCheck” you can change or cancel your subscription any time.

See also the Terms and Conditions.


In addition to the 25% discount for annual subscriptions there are pre-sale quantity discounts.
Beginning by 5 annual subscription booked at one time, there are several discounts available.

Please contact us via Support  with your needed numbers for more details.

No, this is not provided due to the constant development and additions.

Simply enter enter the code on the Checkout-Seite – the invoice ammount will be reduced in time.

The coupon code will bring you a discount when booking a subscription.

Because a subscription is a recurring payment, and you want to use the app in the longer term, a credit card or Paypal account is required.
But of course, you can always change or cancel the subscription in your User Account.

We are sorry to see you go. May we ask why? It would be great to give us a small feedback please.

To cancel your Subscription please log in to the Checkbilliard Member Section

> Go to “Subscriptions

> Select “Your Subscription” – There you find the button “Cancel my Subscription”. Click it.

After successfully cancelling your Subscription you’ll get a confirmation email. And you are done.  That’s it. 🙂

You can still use the free sections 1 & 2 inside the App. All of your results will be stored for you – if you want start training again later in your pool-career.

We hope that you enjoyed the time with Checkbilliard and had a successful improvement in this wonderfully game.


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