New App Version available in Stores
October 21, 2016
VIDEO: BASIC SHOTS | Stop Shot Secrets | by Ralph Eckert
October 21, 2016

Added instructional Videos in App


We added the following Videos to the Checkbilliard App today. Some of them are also available in the free Version. Have fun with the Checkbilliard APP.  Dowload at  iTunes and Google Play Store

  • Personal alignment
  • Posture in stance and leg position
  • Body & Head Posture
  • Cue Alignment
  • Building your finger bridge
  • Using the Cue Bridge
  • Straight shot Secrets
  • Aiming on angled shots
  • Stop Shot Secrets
  • Stop Shot variations
  • Follow shot Secrets
  • Draw shot Secrets
  • Kickin’ Back with Ralph

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