Be a Part of the Checkbilliard Team and participate in our common Success.

Who can be an Affiliate?

If you represent a billiard organization or federation, are a league operator, tournament director, pool hall owner, billiard equipment supplier, editor for an online or printed magazine, billiard instructor or much-travelling (Pro) player then our affiliate program is perfect for you. It can also help you grow your own project.

Do you recommend Checkbilliard to your members, friends, colleagues, students, guests and/or customers? If so, thank you very much! We really appreciate it.

We created the Checkbilliard Affiliate Program so that supporters like you, can earn money in exchange for your help with promoting this amazing training system to billiard enthusiasts around the world. It’s an easy, risk-free way for you to earn commission while effectively connecting members to your own business.

Can you also be an “Offline Affiliate”?

Yes, you can. We will support you with promotion codes and unique affiliate links, but also support you with printed promotional products like vouchers and posters with your logos.

Why become a Checkbilliard Affiliate Partner?

It´s Unique

We offer a product that is totally unique worldwide and in very high demand! We are committed to making improvements and continuously developing the Checkbilliard system, to provide the best billiard training experience possible – customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Support your Billiard Community

Bring the worlds largest collection of workouts, analyzes and videos to your community, and help them to improve their game. Their success will bring them enjoyment and satisfaction. This will help you to develop your business and/or bring new people to your project.

Regular payouts – Continuous income

As an affiliate, you will earn up to 20% commission every time a new customer using your affiliate code or affiliate link and subscribes to Checkbilliard.  And it’s not just for their first purchase – it’s every period, as long as the customer continues his subscription! We make sure there are no hassles for collecting your commissions. Periodic payouts are made automatically.

How it works.


Send an email to and give us some information about yourself, your organization and your goals. After approval, you will receive your unique code and link which your clients use when purchasing their Checkbilliard subscription. (Code can also include a gift to your users.) Share your link in mailings, websites and social media and/or hand out vouchers on leagues, tournaments, shows or send it with your products.


Your personal affiliate codes and/or unique links can be used in your newsletters, marketing materials, or emails. We can also provide you with high quality glossy printed vouchers and posters, as well as custom banners for your mailings, websites and printed materials – As a Checkbilliard Affiliate, we will help in whatever way we can!


You’ll earn a commission for every customer you refer to Checkbilliard – for a “customers lifetime”.
We also provide you with reporting and statistics showing your customer outreach, and earnings.

What’s your Job and how much commission can you create?

Of course, how much money you actually earn, will depend on a number of factors. Affiliates with more connections, who promote Checkbilliard more actively, will have more earning potential. Let’s say there are two pool hall owners each having 10 tables and a well attended business:

The passive affiliate

Sets some vouchers out on the front desk. Customers occasionally notice, and become interested. Eventually 50 people buy Checkbilliard subscriptions.
Estimated affiliate annual earnings of approx.  $ 1,100.

The active affiliate

Hands out vouchers personally to all customers, displays posters and rollups in and around the pool hall, shows interested customers how Checkbilliard works using his own smartphone, offers special leagues and specials for people practicing with the app, organizes an in-house pro to officially authorize test results, promotes Checkbilliard in Facebook groups and newsletter mailings, etc.
Significantly more people reached and 200 new customers buy subscriptions.
Estimated affiliate annual earnings of approx. $ 4,500.

You can make your own estimates for your organization, league or business. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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