Special Conditions of Purchase up from 5 Annual Licenses

Special Conditions for Teams, Clubs and larger Groups

We respond to customer requirements and offer now Volume Prices for Groups up from 5 Persons.
33% discount already exists with a purchase of 5 licenses – in blocks up to 49 licenses. And from 50 licenses or more, we are happy to submit an individual offer. Please send us a request by e-mail and tell us the number of required licenses.

5 - 9 Licenses

33% Discount

6,70/Month or. 80,40/Year

Regular Price 118,80 per Person and Year*

*with monthly payment

10 - 24 Licenses

36% Discount

6,30/Month or 75,60/Year

Regular Price 118,80 per Person and Year*

*with monthly payment

25 - 49 Licenses

40% Discount

5,95/Month bzw. 71,40/Year

Regular Price 118,80 per Person and Year*

*with monthly payment

> 50 Licenses

> 44% Discount

Please send us a
with the desired number of licenses.

And how does it work?

Please send us an order by Email and tell us the desired number of licenses. You will then receive a confirmation and a link to the shop by e-mail.

After payment (credit card, PayPal or bank transfer), we will send you the code (or codes) to unlock the application entrances – including instructions.

“How long is the code valid, do we have to redeem all the codes in one time?”

No, you do not have to! The codes are valid until they are redeemed.
This means if you buy e.g. 10 codes (licenses) and redeem only 7, that the remaining 3 codes stay valid. Even after one year they can be redeemed, also e.g. from a person whose first year has already expired.

  – Offer subject to change

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