“Guided Exercises” are your personally generated Exercises
October 21, 2016
Test Results, Analysis and what’s next …
October 21, 2016

Statistics on the Results

This almost inconspicuous tool (which will offer much more) will help you and Checkbilliard, your virtual coach,  to pursue your developments. Here you can measure up with the best players result or compare to the average of the last 100 players in this series.

The more often you play one and the same test (probably only the free tests), the more “measuring points” you can find in your statistics.

But do not worry – our system is based. And if you start as a beginner with 53 points in the “MODERN 150” for example, and end up in three years in the “PROFESSIONAL 450” with a result of 410 points, then you practiced  not only insane amount and effectively – you can analyze your development over the period and can see your “deeps” (eg, stress at work) and “highs” (possibly a new love) graphical in the statistics curve.

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