Statistics on the Results
October 21, 2016
Enter your Test Result
October 21, 2016

Test Results, Analysis and what’s next …

At the end of each test, there is the analysis which shows you where you are just in the “SECTIONS” and what level you’ve reached. In a real test, which you can do with a examiner later, this is also the value for the official and worldwide rankings. Our Panda shows you with his emotions even as “satisfied” he is with your result. And the color code here also reflects the “Checkbilliard Badge” again which you will receive in real from your examiner or coach later.
Here you also get the instructions HOW to continue in YOUR personal training plan. Either with further tests to analyze you in more detail or “to train away” your weaknesses with the workouts and exercises to to increase your billiards assets. Guaranteed!

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